The Village Halls Advisory Service provides advice and guidance to management committees of village halls and community buildings enabling them to manage these vital community meeting places according to best practice whilst improving financial sustainability.

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The Village Hall Advisory Service (VHAS) assists Village Hall and Community Building committees throughout Wiltshire and Swindon by providing a comprehensive information, advice and support service.The service provides advice on charitable status and legal requirements, committee procedures and village hall management, financial planning and fund raising, design, layout and usage of village halls. It also provides an insurance scheme for halls and playing fields.

Future funding for the Village Hall Advisory Service (VHAS) & the Village Hall Grant Scheme

The outcome of talks between Wiltshire Council and Community First is that the Council will continue to fund the Village Halls Advisory Service provided through Community First. However, Village Halls will now be able to apply for a Community Area Grant for Village Hall capital projects from their respective Area Board rather than to the Village Halls Grant Scheme. The Area Boards will ask Carol to check any halls’ applications. See below for a list of contacts for alternative funders. So the good news is that the detailed service from Carol and Jennie will continue next year, which means that all of you who manage Village Halls & Community Buildings will continue to be kept well informed about good management practices, legislation with which you need to comply and opportunities for development and funding, with the relevant training and help sheets. It also means that Wiltshire Council and other bodies will continue to be informed about the impact of public policy on Village Halls and Community Buildings.

Contact Carol if you have any queries as to how to run your hall and all that entails.

Village Hall and Community Buildings Help and Advice sheets

See below for a list of the help and advice sheets produced by ACRE and Community First, call Carol or Jennie if you wish to have a copy.

Village Hall and Community Buildings News

Information for all halls is now produced monthly and the latest edition can be downloaded below.Keep up to date with news, conferences and training events.  These events provide the opportunity to meet members of halls throughout the county and; provides a platform for all members of village hall committees on which they can develop and maintain co-operation between themselves, funding bodies, statutory organisations and other agencies. facilitates the exchange of ideas and views enabling members to share common interests and present a common view to other agencies.  encourages good practice of village hall management by providing advice and support. Please ensure that you let Carol Southall or Jennie Lane know an email address for your village hall so that you can receive the updates. A hard copy will be available if necessary. Please ring for any of the attachments referred to.

The VHAS also supports the development of The Wiltshire Village Halls Association which exists to promote village halls throughout Wiltshire and Swindon. See attachment below of Benefits of joining WVHA. Ask Carol about ‘Hallmark’ the national quality standards scheme.  This scheme is an excellent way in which a local village hall committee can show their commitment. It demonstrates best practice, showing accountability and transparency in the management of these important local community assets. See benefits of Hallmark below    

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